A downloadable game

Theme of the jam was 'Make it count'

Team name : monolith

Apocalypse + monolith.

against the monolith boss, a girl come here to beat it.

To beat the boss, you should collect boss energy and convert it to your energy.

You have only one chance to beat the boss, So you should make it count at collecting turn. 

Used pre-made assets

Explosion-sprite sheet (beat the boss) - free source

Explosion-sounds at FreeSound (beat the boss) - free source

Sound Effect
getEnergy, Powerup, gotDamage, Dash - free sound sources

background sound - pre-made music created by my friend, Han

Except this, any sources in game was made in UE4 summer jam 2019 by our team and art designer: Kim Saehansol, Lee Gyujin

Programming, VFX
Sungho Seo @ssh9717@gmail.com

Programming assist
Omar @retro_Warrior599@gmail.com

Physicsvaib @Physicsvaib@gmail.com
Kim saehansol @Child

2d pixel art, animation
Lee gyujin @flotia

UI, background, level design
Kim saehansol @Child

Install instructions

unzip the downloaded file then execute 'SVNtest' in WindowsNoEditorFolder


apocalith.zip 96 MB

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